How to Photograph Nacreous Clouds

How to Photograph Nacreous Clouds
Iridescent Nacreous clouds over the UK.

In this article I’ll show you how to photograph nacreous clouds.  Nacreous clouds are a beautiful and rare cloud phenomena.  I photographed these clouds from Hertfordshire.  I have never observed these clouds before and … Read more

Stratocumulus Perlucidus Clouds from the Air!

Stratocumulus Perlucidu
Stratocumulus Perlucidus cloud from a plane window.

Stratocumulus Perlucidus cloud is a low level cloud.  Stratocumulus Perlucidus forms at altitudes of around 2.5km.  It has a beautiful wavy structure.  The structure of this cloud type is particularly evident from … Read more