AR 2659 in Hydrogen Alpha

AR2569 AR 2569 is an active region that is currently on the Earth facing side of the Sun.  I photographed AR 2569 using a Coronado PST.  This is a specially designed telescope made by Meade that allows for solar observing.  However you should never look at or try and photograph the Sun.  It can cause permanent eye damage and/or blindness.  You have been warned!

The Sun was relatively blank today.  According to at the time of writing this article there were only 19 sunspots.  So far this year we have had 37 spotless day.  This is probably due to the fact that we are heading towards the solar minimum.  However many prominence’s were still present.

AR 2569

I’m still working on how to combine two solar images.  I take two separate photos.  This is because prominence’s are relatively faint.  This is when you compare it to the disk of the Sun.  If anyone has any tips on combining a disk and prominence image I’d be grateful for some advice!

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