Cloud Streets aka Horizontal Convective Rolls: Time Lapse

Cloud Streets are also known as Horizontal Convective Rolls.  They are an easily recognisable cloud feature.  I compiled a time lapse movie of cloud streets.  I decided to use a short interval between each frame.  The clouds were evolving rapidly.  It was a very windy day.  I used an interval of I think 1 second.  Its played back at 24 fps.  This means I would get 16.625 seconds of video (at 24 fps).

I can’t remember exactly how long it too but I think it was around half an hour to get the photos.  You do need a lot of patience with time lapse.  You also need lots of movement.  What I liked about the scene I shot was the rapidly changing light and cloud motion.

Cloud streets tend to form roughly parallel to the wind direction.  What I noticed in this time lapse was that the clouds were slowly spreading laterally to fill the gaps between them.

In very rare circumstances cloud streets can have a paisley leaf like pattern.  These are distinctive in satellite images and are called Von Karman Vortex Streets.  In the future I would like to do more weather time lapses.  There are so many different types of clouds to photograph.  You never know how a time lapse will turn out and that is part of the fun of it.  I’m learning a lot about cloud evolution from doing this sort of photography.

I prefer time lapses that have a smooth transition between each frame.  I don’t like time lapses which have a blocky appearance.  However everyone likes different things.  I do hope you enjoy this cloud streets time lapse.  Let me know what you think.

I used a Sony A7s and took the frames in RAW+JPEG.  I did have to use JPEGS in the final video otherwise the file size would have been massive!

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