Stunning Sunset Photo from the Strand

Sunset and solar glitter trail or glitter path

The Strand in Townsville is a great place to see fantastic sunsets and photograph the sunset.  The recent controlled burns have probably put more particulates into the atmosphere.  Particulate matter at different altitudes can affect sunset colours.

In this photo I managed to record a nice example of the solar glitter path or glitter trail.  At sunset the solar glitter path seems narrower than when the sun is higher in the sky.  It’s colour at sunset may look more orange or red.  The glitter path is caused by waves and ripples reflecting sunlight.

You shouldn’t look at or photograph the sun as it can cause permanent eye damage and/or blindness!

The location from where this sunset photo was taken is near the start of the ethno-botanical walk.  This short walk gives you a good idea of the sorts of plants used by aboriginal and Torres strait islander a people.  It is very interesting to observe these plants.


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