The Galactic Center

Galactic Centre

This photo shows the stunning galactic center.  The galactic centre is lies in the constellation of Sagittarius.  The galactic center can be observed from Northern Hemisphere but the nearer the equator you get the better.  In fact from the Southern Hemisphere it can get really high above the horizon.

At the center of our galaxy it is thought at a super massive black hole resides.  This black hole is an intense radio source and is known as Sagittarius A*.  The radio waves are probably produced by an accretion disk orbiting the black hole. This area of sky is also the brightest.  A halo of globular star clusters circles the galaxy, centred on this region.

You can capture it with nothing more than a camera and fixed tripod.  In this photo I selected a shutter speed of 8 seconds.  I used an ISO of 25600.  I was using a 28 mm prime lens.  This was an f/2.8 lens.  However I stopped it down to f/4.  Stopping down the aperture keeps the stars looking like pin points.  If you use a camera wide open it can cause bloating and distortion.  This was my first successful photo of the galactic centre.  I took this photo from Pallarenda, Australia.  It has been processed in Adobe Lightroom.  I am currently working on a tutorial for photographing and processing the galactic center.

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