Shelf Cloud Approaching: Time Lapse Movie

A shelf cloud is a type of arcus cloud.  They tend to appear as an accessory cloud to cumulonimbus cloud.  In this movie you can see a lot of convective action.  Above the shelf cloud a cumulus congest cloud grows rapidly.  It grows so rapidly it engulfs a pileus cloud.

The shelf cloud in this movie was associated with a storm feature.  We got a lot of rain and lightning from it.  This movie is played back at 24 fps.  At 23 seconds long it is made up of approximately 550 photos!

Time Lapse Photography is a great way to capture weather phenomena.  I feel that by doing it this way I learn more about clouds.  You can identify how they move and evolve.  It is also a useful way of learning how clouds change with time.

Check out my other shelf cloud photos.  You may be interested in looking at some other examples of accessory clouds.

Exposure Information

Sony A7s: I used a Sony A7s.  Having a full frame meant the photos would look really sharp.

Lens: I used a 35 mm f/1.5 Samyang stopped down to f/7.  I wanted a fairly good depth of field as I treat weather photography like landscape photography.

White Balance: I think I used a cloudy or shady white balance to increase the warmth of the scene.

Intervalometer: I used an interval meter to set the interval between shots.

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